Kappa Sigma Xi Upsilon

We are the Xi-Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Sigma at Texas A&M University-Commerce. We were founded on campus in 2002. Since then, we as a chapter strive to enstill the Pillars of Scholarship, Leadership, Fellowship, and Service in the lives of young college men, while offering them a college experience unlike any other. During the 2012-2013 school year alone, the Xi-Upsilon logged numerous service hours while participating in the Kappa Sigma National Days of Service for Fall and Spring. We are also proud to say that our chapter currently has one of the highest cumulative GPA's of all fraternities at Texas A&M-Commerce while continuing to dominate in sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, and corn hole to name a few. We hope to continue these traditions of excellence as a fraternity and as a chapter. If you are interested in joining the Xi-Upsilon chapter or have any questions feel free to contact us through the rush  or contact us pages!

"... Not for a day, or an hour, or a college term only, but for life."

Kappa Sigma is the largest and most preferred fraternity in the world. Not only have we continually set records in our communities, but we have set world wide records as recorded by the Guinness Book Of World Records. Currently the fraternity has 17,500 active undergraduate members at 316 chapters, the past year we have installed and rechartered 43 chapters and have another 33 soon to be added to the ranks of brotherhood, and we raised a record amount of $3.4 million with over 1 million hours in community service. That means that of all donations to charity, we account for 50% of them at least.

We were originally founded in the year 1400 by a man of the name Manuel Chrysoloras at the University of Bologna in Italy. The tradition of Kappa Sigma has carried on since then and continued in our founding chapter at The University of Virginia in 1869, and eventually led to the Xi-Upsilon chapter at Texas A&M University at Commerce. 

Kappa Sigma is known for it's 4 pillars which include Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. As a values based men's organization, we adhere to these pillars in order to become better men. Fellowship comes with being in a fraternity, and with Kappa Sigma being the largest in the world, brothers are all around you. Leadership being a cornerstone of ours, shows that as a Kappa Sigma you are not afraid to take the necessary steps to guide others even in difficult situations. Scholarship is the main purpose for us being at college and we, understanding that, strive to obtain the highest GPA on campus time and time again. Service, being our last pillar, is one of our most important. Kappa Sigma in just the past year alone has raised a record breaking $3.4 million for charity and volunteered over 1 million hours in our respective communities.

Our scholarships fund is the first of its kind and offers more than $250,000 in Scholarship-Leadership awards each year to qualified undergraduate members who excel in the classroom, on campus, in the community, and with the Fraternity. The Kappa Sigma endowment fund is the largest of its kind and we offer more scholarships than any other fraternity. At a time when many men’s college fraternities are raising dues, fees and assessments on their chapters, Kappa Sigma has not had an increase in dues, pledge fees, or initiation fees since 1991 and has lowered its annual per man risk management assessment over 25% in the last 10 years causing our local chapter to have the lowest dues on campus!

Many famous men attribute their values, success, and skills from Kappa Sigma. Some of our more famous alumni include: 

  • Jimmy Buffet -Musician
  • Jerry Jones -Owner of the Dallas Cowboys
  • Ted Turner -News Anchor
  • Robert Redford -Actor
  • Edwin Hubble -Astronomer (Hubble Telescope)
  • Dr. Denton Cooley -World Famous Heart Surgeon
  • General B.B. Bell -Commanding General of US Army
  • Bob Dole -Senator
  • Mike Lowry -Congressman
  • Craig Barrett -CEO of Intel
  • Gary Forsee -CEO of Sprint
  • Jack Smith, Jr. -President of General Motors
  • Ben Gilmer -CEO of AT&T

And many many more. If you would like to see a complete list, please visit the official Kappa Sigma Alumni Page .